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  • Stay safe and explore a wide variety of top MBA and Masters programmes

Stay safe and explore a wide variety of top MBA and Masters programmes

The event is over

Stay safe and explore a wide variety of top MBA and Masters programmes

Now is the time to invest in your career growth. Secure your future with an MBA or Masters degree and a new business network. Explore the best business schools while staying safe at home. Access MBA and Access Masters give you a unique interactive online opportunity to meet One-to-One admissions directors from top international business and management schools. Stand out with your drive to grow and look into the future. Explore the MBA and Masters programmes that are best suited to take your career to the next level.

Why is an MBA worth it?

The MBA is a game-changing qualification for career and personal growth. It will not only help you master core business principles with both breadth and depth, but also nurture the soft skills that are in high demand by employers today. The MBA is designed to equip you with the tools necessary for business leaders in a dynamic and competitive global business world. This online One-to-One event is free of charge, but meeting slots are limited and registration is mandatory. Choose a date for your online meetings that suits you best and sign up now:
May 5th -> https://www.accessmba.com/link/Euy
May 11th -> https://www.accessmba.com/link/Eux
May 19th -> https://www.accessmba.com/link/Euw
May 29th -> https://www.accessmba.com/link/Euv
June 5th -> https://www.accessmba.com/link/Euu

What makes a Masters degree valuable?

Earning a Masters degree shows that you are a problem-solver and a team player – qualities which are highly desired by employers. Whether completed abroad or in your home country, an international Masters degree will give you a head start to your dream job, career progress and the confidence to make a difference in your field. Save your spot at this free online event because meeting slots are limited. Sign up today for the date most convenient for you:
April 28th -> https://www.accessmasterstour.com/link/Euz
May 7th -> https://www.accessmasterstour.com/link/Eu0
May 13th -> https://www.accessmasterstour.com/link/Eu1

What can you expect from the online One-to-One event?

  • Individual video meetings with some of the top business schools globally — HEC Paris, Oxford, ESCP Europe, ESSEC, Emlyon, EDHEC, Imperial College Business School, Manchester Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, IE, Hult, Illinois Institute of Management, Syracuse University and many more
  • Personalised consultation for your business and management studies
  • The chance to win a free visit to a business school of your choice at a convenient time