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iNano-2020 has been enfolded with many scientific sessions where sharing the knowledge is our aim

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EI Online upcoming webinars

Don’t miss out on this week’s exciting webinars The team at Eventus International is pleased to bring you two compelling webinars this week wherein some of the global gaming industry’s most prominent experts will share their insights with attendees.

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Stay safe and explore a wide variety of top MBA and Masters programmes

Now is the time to invest in your career growth. Secure your future with an MBA or Masters degree and a new business network. Explore the best business schools while staying safe at home. Access MBA and Access Masters give you a unique interactive online opportunity to meet One-to-One admissions directors from top international business and management schools. Stand out with your drive to grow and look into the future. Explore the MBA and Masters programmes that are best suited to take your career to the next level.

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5th Annual Logistics, Transport and Port Management Conference

"The biggest event in logistics, transport and port management in Africa" The conference will cover areas like Understand the major aspects of transportation and logistics in the context of the current business environment, ensure the familiarity with the issues involved in the transport of cargo internationally, globalisation and opportunities for improvement in African Ports, Logistics and Transport Management.

08-10 December 2020
MADESIGN Expo 2020

MADESIGN Expo 2020 is the 4th International Interior Design Exhibition. It is the unique interior design exhibition of North Africa. More than 79 exhibitors from 15 countries, such as Morocco, Malaysia, Germany, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Korea, Jordan, Portugal, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Russia and Turkey!

08-10 December 2020
Morocco SIEMA Expo 2020

SIEMA EXPO is one of our Food, Processing, Packaging, and Machinery exhibitions in the international market. Many sector professionals preferred to visit SIEMA Expo 2019 and exhibit with a wide-ranging product line.

19-21 November 2020
Mega Clima Algeria Expo 2020

Mega Clima Algeria Expo 2020 is an international Heating, Ventilation , Air Conditioning, Installation Systems, Water Treatment, Refrigeration and Insulation Exhibition. Be part of a unique event dedicated to the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Cooling industries!

19-21 November 2020
Algeria Electricity Expo 2020

Algeria Electricity Expo 2020 is an International Electricity, Power generation and IT Exhibition. It is one of the largest electricity exhibitions in North Africa region continues to grow.

19-21 November 2020
BEST 5 Algeria Expo 2020

International Construction and Building Industry, Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning, Window-Door, Flooring- Aluminum-Glass and Decoration Exhibition.

09-11 November 2020
2nd Mega Clima Kenya HVAC Expo 2020

International Heating, Ventilation , Air Conditioning, Installation Systems, Water Treatment, Refrigeration and Insulation Exhibition

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